Friday, August 5, 2011

Jason is doing well!!

Wow it's been already more than 2 months since I updated the blog!!  I've been really lazy, haha!!
Well, Jason is doing well.  He is more active and playful these days.
He had his routine MRI in July which showed that his tumor is still stable.  Hooray!
We're are still waiting to be admitted for the intensive feeding therapy at Kennedy Krieger Institute.  Last month, I heard from KKI that they had submitted paperworks, clinical data/information etc to my insurance company for their approval.  They said if things go well, then he will be admitted to the program maybe at the end of August or some time in September.  Meanwhile, they recommended us to work with the outpatient feeding therapy program with KKI's behavioral psychologist.  So we went for our first appointment last Monday and Jason did fairly well.  This time, he didn't mind working with the psychologist.  At our first appointment, the behavioral psychologist gathered information about Jason's feeding history and observed me feeding Jason different types of food items.  Then, she recommended me to do daily "empty spoon acceptance" practice at home.  Basically, I have to sit Jason on his high chair and offer him an empty stoon by saying "Jason, take a bite".  When I do this I set the timer for 2 minutes.  Jason has to accept 2 empty spoons during this 2 minute period.  Of cours, he fought hard not to take the spoon but I managed to make him take 2 "bites" before 2 minutes was up.  We have to do this everyday then next step will be offering spoon with little bit of food at the tip, the psychologist said.   If this goes well and Jason takes spoons without too much fight, then he will have better chance of doing better with the intensive therapy, she said. 

Jason continues to eat some foods, not enough to deliver any significant amount of calories but still this is very promising.  He still loves roasted seaweed (ghim), ramen noodles, veggie chips and he also loves Korean fish jerkey (jui-po).  =)   I hope I can introduce some other types of foods but at this time, these are pretty much all he wants.
Well, I think that's pretty much all the updates, I guess.  =)

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  1. 8월 5일이니까 어느덧 또 2달이 자나갔내.
    오늘도 좋은 하루!!