Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another week without chemotherapy

Jason's ANC is still hanging around below 500.  His chemotherapy is still on hold this week.
I guess the longer into the chemotherapy cycle, it is harder for his body to fully recover. =(
But we're happy that he's still doing fine.  No signs of any fever or illness!  =)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chemo on hold again

Last Thursday, Jason's ANC count was too low again, less than 500, meaning he's at a great risk of infection.  So he could not receive his chemotherapy.  Jason is still doing well, no fever, not sick.  Hopefully, ANC will recover next week and we can continue chemotherapy again.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finally started Cycle 5

Jason's blood counts finally came up for him to start cycle 5 of his chemotherapy and he tolerated the chemotherapy very well.  Hooray!
At home, though, he vomited several times on Thursday night... poor thing..but during the day, he's playing well and doing well without vomiting.  =)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Still no chemo!

Jason could not get his chemotherapy on Thursday again, due to low ANC and platelet counts.
So already two weeks behind on chemotherapy cycle#5.  His last chemotherapy (cycle #4) was on 10/07/10 and it's been more than 1 month but still his blood counts are not recovered.  =(
But thanks to God that he doesn't have a fever and is not sick.  His oncologist thinks that by next week, his blood counts should come back so he can start chemotherapy cycle #5.
He is actually doing very well.  Two days ago, I tried to make him wear his feeding pump in his mini backpack again like he used to before.  Of course, he really hated it in the beginning but he got over it and continued to wear it for almost two hours each day.  By wearing his feeding pump, I don't have to follow him around every second carrying the feeding pump.  I am like a dog on a leash!!
It also gives him more independenc..haha..=)
I will continue to make him wear it 2-3 hours a day while he's on feeding.  yay~

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Neurosurgery appointment, a good news!

So we went to see Jason's neurosurgeon, Dr. Yaun today to consult about Jason's last MRI result; a slight increase in ventricle size.
Dr. Yaun reviewed last MRI and other MRI's and CT's taken previously and she thought everything looked good.  The increase in ventricle size was only 0.5mm to about 2mm but she said this is depending on where we measure.
To her opionion, Jason's ventricle looked almost unchanged compared to the one from August, that's after his last shunt revision.  And Jason doesn't have much symptoms like non-stop vomiting or being a lot fussy, headache etc.
So she assured us that everything is ok.
She saw Jason walking for the first time today and she was very happy about it, too.
She said she would visit Jason at the oncology clinic in about 2 weeks to check on him to make sure that everything is fine.  =)