Friday, October 29, 2010

Ophthalmology appointment Jason had an ophthalmology appointment.  We've been going to the Children's hospital for the past 3 days! and I am really tired now.. each time it is at least 1.5 hours of driving to the hospital in the horrific DC metro morning traffic..exhausting..
Anyway, today's eye appointment was set up urgently yesterday because of Jason's MRI finding.. the increase in the ventricle size/worsening of hydrocephalus..
His neuro-oncologist wanted to make sure that increase in cranial pressure is not affecting Jason's eye nerves.  It was a long appointment.. and quite traumatic to Jason.
His eyes were dilated with eye drops and the doctors wanted to see behind his eyes to check for any swelling of the optic nerves but of course, Jason won't stay still so he was wrapped with a sheet and strapped to a bed with lots of velcros so he won't move around.  =(
He hated this so much he cried and vomited during the exam.
After going through all these trauma, at least the result is good.  No swelling of the eye nerves were found.  Eye doctors think the increase in ventricle size/worsening hydrocephalus is not causing any damages to Jason's eye nerves.. good..

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chemotherapy cycle #5 and MRI results

I've been lazy lately and haven't updated the blog for a long time.  Sorry..=(
Anyways, Jason has been doing alright.  He had his 2 weeks break from the chemotherapy and had the routine MRI last Tuesday.
The MRI results is mixed.. his tumor is SMALLER again!! yay!! and his spinal metastasis are stable, yay!!
But his ventricle size was slightly bigger on the MRI suggesting that his VP shunt may not be working well again!! yikes!  I didn't notice too much symptoms like vomiting and fussiness but my husband feels that Jason has been a bit more fussier lately which may be contributed to inrease in ventricle/increase cranial pressure.
So we're going back to see Jason's neurosurgeon, Dr. Yaun, again next week.  Since Jason doesn't have too much symptoms, the neurosurgeon might just continue to monitor or she might want to take Jason back OR to adjust shunt valve again.. I don't know what the final decision will be.. We will know next week.
wow.. this vp shunt thing is not much problems and hard to get complete control over it.
Yesterday, Jason got a new GJ tube placed because it was leaking a lot making such a mess, staining his clothes everyday.  This time placeing the new GJ tube under the fluoroscopy was a breeze! done so fast, only took 15 minutes or so.  I really liked that.. hope this tube stays in place for a long time without causing too much trouble.
Today would have been the first day of Jason't new chemetherapy cycle (cycle#5) but Jason could not get his chemotherapy today because today's blood tests revealed that his platelet count was too low (meaning that he is at a higher risk of bleeding).  During 2 weeks of break from the chemotherapy, his blood counts supposed to bounce back and become close to normal for him to get chemotherapy again but this time for whatever reason, his blood counts didn't recover... too bad...=(
So his chemotherapy was postponsed untile next week.  Hopefully, next week, Jason's blood counts will recover for him to receive chemotherapy.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chemotherapy cycle 4, week3

Jason did well with his chemotherapy this week.
I was sick with a mild cold last week (still coughing...thought) and Jason might have gotten a mild cold from me also.. he was a bit more fussy and vomited little more this week... making us all worry again but he's getting better.
He's making more progress in terms of walking.  When I hold his hands to help him walk, he now will let his hands go and will walk about 10 steps or more on his own.  Jason likes to practice alot... hopefully, he will walk soon. =)