Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jason is showing more interest in food!

Jason has been eating some 김 (korean roasted seaweed) for a while and some chips (mainly veggie sticks from Trader Joe's, shrimp chips) and recently, he is showing much love for ramen noodles!! 
He still cannot chew and swallow effectively.. it looks like he's melting the seaweed and chips in his mouth then swallow.. ramen noodles?  I think he's cutting them in small pieces and then just swallow.
It looks like he likes salty taste.   When I gave him some chocolate before, he threw up.  =)
When we gave hims some orage juice, he threw up that also..strange thing is that he used to drink some apple juice last summer without any problem or resistance but these days, he just wants some salty foods.
At the evaluation at KKI, they told us to train him to sit on his high chair whenever he is eating food.  We tried this and Jason is doing quite well... only problem is that he doesn't want to sit on it until he finishes his food... he wants to get out of high chair only after about 10 minutes then wants to walk aroud and eat again..
I let him move around/walk around while he eats his chips and stuff...even though I am not supposed to.
Well.. I will post some video clips of Jason "eating" some food.

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  1. Congratulations!! I am so gald that Jason finished the chemo...
    I am sure that he will be able to eat more and more and become healthier and healthier.

    Continue to keep us posted of his everyday life ~~~