Monday, May 2, 2011

ALL DONE, really!!

Last Thursday, Jason finally COMPLETED his chemotherapy!!!!
It took exactly 15 months to finish the whole chemotherapy!  We can't be any more proud and happy!
When Dr. Packer and the neuro-onc team told me "congratulations".. I almost cried..
Now, Jason and the whole family will enjoy this "treatment free" time.  =)
Jason's tumor will be monitored with MRI every three months.  His porta cath will be kept in at least until the first MRI scan shows stable tumor... then we can take the porta cath out.
Hope the tumor stays stable for a long long time so we don't have to do anything.
Now, our next goal is to finish Intenvise Feeding Therapy at Kennedy Krieger Institute sometime in this summer and Jason will be able to eat by mouth!


  1. Congratulation~ to you and Jason and Family
    제이슨 소식이 궁굼할때마다 들어와 봤어요..업뎃이 없어서
    오늘도 사진만 보고 기도 하고 가야 겠다 했는데
    이렇게 좋은 소식이 올라와 있네요..
    정말로 축하드리고 앞으로 제이슨이 더욱더 건강한
    모습으로 크는걸 옆에서 지켜 볼께요~

  2. 안나씨 반가워요~~ 한국에 아직도 있는거죠?
    함께 기뻐해주고 축하해줘서 고마워요..
    언제 매릴랜드로 다시 돌아오면 한번 봐요, 우리..^^