Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Good news and bad news

Lots of things happened during the past 4 months or so since I updated this blog.
Jason finally got admitted to Kennedy Krieger institute's intensive feeding program and finished 2 month course of the feeding treatment.  The result is absolutely amazing.
Now he is eating!!!
He still cannot eat regular texture foods yet and eats junior texture food (food that's similar to applesauce consistency) but we're still very glad that he EATS by mouth!
He eats enough by mouth so that we could cut down on his tube feeding.
Now he gets 75% of his calories from his food by mouth and only 25% by g-tube feeding.
He's working on praciticing chewing and actually is much better at chewing foods now. 
Hopefully, soon we will increase amount of food to get rid of g-tube feeding completely.
Well there is a bad news... hmm
His routine MRI on October was a little questionable so he had a repeat MRI a little sooner...2 weeks ago..
and the result is not so good.
The tumor is slowly growing again...
We are going for a second chemotherapy starting January 5 2012.
This chemotherapy will last approximately 1 year as well.
Weekly chemotherapy for 1 year....
Well please pray hard for Jason so he can endure this round of chemotherapy well without too much complications.

This video clip was taken on the Thanksgiving day during home feeding practice session.
We still have to follow a very strick protocol to feed him but I think it's worth it!!

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  1. It's so nice to see that Jason is eating now :)
    I am sorry to hear that his tumor is growing again...and he has to start the chemo again.
    My prayers are with jason and the family.

    Happy 2012!